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Williams System 7-11b Power Supply

Williams System 7-11b Power Supply $115.00

This is a drop in replacement for Williams pinball machines using the System 7 - 11b power supply board.   This board replaces original Williams part number D-8345-xxx or 117667 and Data East Part Number 520-5000-00.  The benefits of our new board include the following: 

  • Plug and Play replacement
  • Measure your power supply voltages and instantly check status of the fuses without using your meter!
  • Added voltage meter for the 5V, 12V, solenoid input, solenoid output, lamp input, lamp output, display positive and display negative voltages.
  • LED lights for instant supply and fuse status checks
  • Thicker boards for more stability to help reduce stress cracks
  • Optional jumpers for 100v or 91v display settings
    • 91v settings are used to lower power consumption and lengthen the life of the original gas displays
    • 100v is the setting used on the original boards
  • Circuit adjustment for HV display to waste less power
  • High power resistor updated to flame proof Metal Oxide as recommended by most repair guides
  • 5V regulator updated to High Efficiency Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Heat sink added to bridge rectifier to keep cooler and last longer
  • Update obsolete components to current production parts
  • High quality 105C capacitors used for longer life
  • As with all Kohout Enterprise boards, only through hole components are used (No surface mount).
  • Screw terminals have been installed for the General Illumination power connection (blue connector, bottom right in picture below).  You can either screw your power directly to the board or use the supplied 4 pin connector.  

 Here is a list of machines this Power Supply is used in: 

System 7 Pinball Machines (D-8345-xxx)

  1. Barracora

  2. Black Knight

  3. Cosmic Gunfight

  4. Defender

  5. Firepower II

  6. Hyperball

  7. Joust

  8. Jungle Lord

  9. Laser Cue

  10. Pharaoh

  11. Solar Fire

  12. Star Light

  13. Time Fantasy

  14. Varkon

  15. Warlok


System 9 Pinball Machines (D-8345-xxx)

  1. Comet

  2. Sorcerer

  3. Space Shuttle


System 11 Pinball Machines (D-8345-xxx)

  1. Grand Lizard

  2. High Speed

  3. Road Kings


System 11a Pinball Machines (D-8345-xxx)

  1. F-14 Tomcat

  2. Fire!

  3. Millionaire

  4. Pinbot


System 11b Pinball Machines (117667)

  1. Banzai Run

  2. Big Guns

  3. Cyclone

  4. Space Station

  5. Swords of Fury 

Shuffle Alleys (D-8345-xxx)

  1. Alley Cats

  2. Big Strike 

  3. Triple Strike 

  4. Gold Mine 

  5. Strike Zone 

  6. Tic Tac Strike


Data East Pinball Machines (520-5000-00)

  1. ABC Monday Night Football

  2. Phantom of the Opera

  3. Playboy 35th Anniversary

  4. Robocop

  5. Secret Service

  6. Time Machine

  7. Torpedo Alley



All power supplies come with the 4 wire male general illumination connection.  This connection will come pre-installed on the screw terminals (pictured lower right).  Not all pinball machines used this connection.  It can be removed if necessary.  

Power supply shown inside displaying the 5V meter.  Just turn the dial to display other voltages. 

Click on each photo to get a closer look.