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System 6/7 Sound Board
Williams System 6 and System 7 Sound Board: $95


This is a drop in replacement for the Williams D-8224 Sound Board. Same as all the
other Kohout Enterprises boards, it uses new components (when available), and replaces any obsolete components to keep your machine running for another 20 years. It is particularly important on this board because of the large capacitors used for the power supply and the amplifier section, which do not age well, causing poor performance, such as bad humming. Capacitor technology has also improved greatly since 1980, as can be seen on this board.  The same value capacitors require about half the room of the original, leaving extra space for larger heatsinks to keep the regulator and amplifier running cooler.


This sound board was used in a variety of Williams pinball machines as well as some arcade games. Unlike the original Williams board, the jumpers are clearly labeled and easily changed without soldering, so anyone set up the board for their application with little work. This board is built on a 0.094" board instead of the typical 0.063" board.  This makes a HUGE difference in the rigidity of the board.  You can feel a difference just holding the replacement board and it makes a BIG difference when installing while removing or installing the connectors as it greatly reduces the chance for stress cracks.


System 6 or System 7 With Speech:

  1. Black Knight

  2. Gorgar

  3. Blackout

  4. Firepower

  5. Jungle Lord

  6. Pharoah

  7. Alien Poker

System 6 or System 7 without Speech:

  1. Defender

  2. Solar Fire

  3. Barracora

  4. Hyperball

  5. Stargate

  6. Cosmic Gunfight

  7. Varkon

  8. Time Fantasy

  9. Algar

  10. Firepower II

Shuffle Bowlers

  1. Big Strike

Video Games:

  1. Defender

  2. Sinistar

  3. Robotron

  4. Joust

  5. Bubbles

  6. Warlok

This board comes supplied with a EEPROM and configured for the game of your choice from the list above, so be sure to provide the correct machine machine when ordering. This EEPROM will be one of the few I.C.s on the board that will not be new, along with the Motorola 6802 Microproccesor and Motorola 6821 PIA.  Changing these would require a code conversion and specialized EEPROM.  As a result, these three devices may not be "new" devices, however they are readily available from multiple sources.


The board can be used in older Williams system 4 pinball machines that used the previous version sound board that was rectangle.  The board can be used with a slight mounting modification.  These machines include Pheonix and Stellar wars.  



Each board comes complete with the replacement board, schematics, board layout drawings, and

The Old Williams D-8224 Sound Board:


The New Kohout Enterprises System 6/7 Sound Board:


Notice the larger heatsinks and jumper settings printed directly on the board for easy setup and  configuration:


The extra thick board compared to the original:


The new Kohout Enterprises System 6/7 Sound Board mounted in the backbox with original Williams speech module:




How do your connectors look?  If they are not in the best of shape, be sure to order a new connector set.  The sound board connector set include two 9-pin connectors, two 4-pin connectors, solder/crimp pins, and polarizing plugs for only $10.00. 


Last Updated: February 7, 2018